June 19, 2021

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60% Women in Gujarat suffer from Sexual Dysfunction

60% Women in Gujarat suffer from Sexual Dysfunction

More than 60% women in Gujarat suffer from sexual dysfunction according to study conducted on 500 patients by gynecology department of Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre (IKDRC-ITS), 63.67% had sexual dysfunction in Gujarat state. The study, done on women aged between 24 and 42, found that about 267 (53.4%) suffered from infertility, while 233 (46.6%) were fertile.

Most common sexual dysfunction was arousal dysfunction (70%) in infertile women, followed by desire (40%) and orgasmic (35%).

Study Led by gynecology department head Dr Vineet Mishra, excluded that patients with past history of any psychiatric illness or endocrinological disorders such as diabetes mellitus.

Dr Mishra shared these details on the sidelines of UROGYNAEC-2015, a three-day workshop on disorders related to female urinary incontinence and lower reproductive organ.

Dr Mishra said common dysfunctions observed in fertile females were desire (40%) and orgasm (40%). FSD was significantly higher in infertile females in the age group of 31 and 37, while more common inĀ fertile females of 42 years of age.

Among pathological factors, endometriosis was the statistically significant factor associated with female sexual dysfunction. No significant correlation in duration of infertility or type of infertility was observed with female sexual dysfunction.

“The act of timed sexual intercourse is a recognized risk factor for the development of situational sexual dysfunction in both men and women loss of a couple’s intimacy. Therefore, male partners of an infertile couple may also develop sexual dysfunction following the diagnosis. In addition, women may suffer from this trend if their male partner has sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation,” he said.