June 19, 2021

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Can Mobile-only Insurance will change the way of storage of policies?

benefits of mobile insurance

mobile insurance

Mobile-only insurance could be a reality in coming years.Imagine if an insurance agent comes to your home and suggests a insurance policy which is suitable for your needs.And after the payment a unique identity number is generated as a policy document.
With the high usage of mobile phones even in india , most of the insurance companies are thinking about the idea of offering quick and the instant policies.By that the insurance companies can easily store ,renew and they can easily issue the policies.

Here the mobile phone can be used as a storage platform for the product.Insurance companies said that paper-free insurance polices will be hassle free and there will be a no fear of documents getting lost.By this , policy holder could login into an application and use the unique identification number to check policydetails.

Already for the products like car insurance this facility is available.

For the maintainence of paper policy almost Rs 250-300 is spent on annual basis. The mobile-only insurance policy is the next step.Mobile-only insurance will not only helps to cut costs , it will enable the users to focus on the core service aspects of products.
For the customers this will be win-win situation,the digital policy help them to gain access to the product through secure application,getting policy, filing claims and settelements would happen instantaneously.

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