June 19, 2021

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Is life insurance is for investing needs?

life insurance

Is life insurance for investing needs?

Most of the people invest in life insurance thinking that it will be a financial sheild to the family in their absence.However, choosing a life insurance plan will works as a powerful retirement and investment planning tool.These type of policies will help in building up seizable cash value during your lifetime.

In the previous years,insurance sector has become a more customer centric and it has launched a various products that offers a host of beneficial features.Proper usage of these products can serve a wealth creation tool for investors and provide the saftey net.

Life Insurance is a best way to start saving for your child’s future as it provides a both the benifites such as life protection and wealth creation.It can also be used for the security for the loans to your child’s higher education,medical treatments and weddings.

While coming to the life insurance, term life insurance is the economical picks for the individual and leaves money free for the other investments.Term life insurance offers a considerably good amount of Internal Rate of Returns (IRR).

This is the way term insurance plan allows the policyholder to protect their family members in the short run.The returns in the term insurance plan never fall below 5% except in very rare cases.One of the long term insurance products which is a effective plan is Unit Linked Plan that offers tax efficiency and seamless transfers feom debt to equity and back.

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