June 19, 2021

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Is Self-insurance a effective option for health cover ?

self insurance

Is self insurance a viable option for health

As we know that health insurance is defined as the insurance that taken out to cover the cost of medical care.

Sickness may come unannounced. But it’s always good to be financially prepared for an emergency—even a medical one.But, buying a health insurace is only option ?

And the answer is NO.There is a option.

self insurance


In the Self-insurance you have to pay a certain amount as a premium.And in case if you fall sick and need a medical care,either as totally or partially the insurer pays the cost.This policy won’t cover certain pre-existing diseases and certain diseases for a specific period.

Acccording to Research, claims are very rare betweeen the age of 25 and 45 years.During that age many of them are covered under the employer’s group medical policy.But, when we self insure ourself during that time and start building a corpus for health emergencies, At that time we can easily insure ourself and at the same time we can easily create wealth.

Most of the people are afraid of health insurance due to the disclosures and medical check-ups.As we discussed above that the self -insurance is also an option for the people instead of buying a health insurance.But , when you already have a medical issues you should never lie.Many might be tempted to lie on insurance forms.But ,you should not do that.

Sickness might may come unannounced,so it’s best to be prepared.

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