June 19, 2021

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LIC’s Special Policy For Children’s Marriage To Old Age

lic's plan for daughter

lic's plan for daughter

LIC’s has launched a special policy, save Rs 75 everyday, will be arranged from children’s marriage to old age.

For daughter’s better future of daughters, people take an investment policy for them, and get involved in its planning. And many people don’t understand which policy will be better for their them.

LIC has a wonderful plan, which can prove to be a perfect financial gift for his daughter.


In this policy, you only have to save 75 rupees a day for 18 years. When your daughter turns 21, you will get Rs 11 lakh. Under this plan 833 of LIC, you will get eleven lakh rupees after your daughter completes twenty one years.

This plan must be taken a few days after the birth of your daughter. In this policy, there are many benefits and there is a lock-in period. If you deposit 10,000/- rupees every month in this policy, then after 21 years your daughter will get about 52.50 lakh rupees.

In case of death of the daughter’s father, in the middle of this plan, there is no need to deposit a single installment again. After 21 years, the girl child will get the money from this policy.
And if the daughter’s father dies in general, then the family will get 5 lakhs immediately.

In case of accident, the father of the daughter will get one million rupees. With this, 11.50 lakh rupees will be available for the daughter’s wedding.